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We are here for the girl who loves attention and is not sorry about it. We are proudly addicted to attention and wants to show the world that its time for females to rise with all the amazing things we are doing out there.

It's time females everywhere get the attention they deserve.

We want to help females everywhere style for the attention they deserve by expressing their personality through our jewellery pieces. Our pieces aims to elevate any outfit and bring joy in dressing up everyday 

Here you can find intricate pieces that we have created, curated and concocted to help bring out the best version of you and get the right conversations started

We have 3 key personalities that we channel through our jewelry, The Bombshell, the Conscientious and the Electic lady. Learn more about them in our lookbook.

Whether your styles are bombshell, Conscientious or Electic, we believe we have the perfect pieces to help bring out your personalities 

Feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions, even questions on styling we would be more that happy to help and share our knowledge. 

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